The Admissions Process

Children who want to come to Princethorpe now sit an entrance examination in the November before the year of entry, mainly at 11 and at other ages as space allows. A significant number also join us for Sixth Form at age 16.

We welcome children of all faiths and backgrounds, from our own junior schools, Crackley Hall and The Crescent, and many other maintained and independent primary schools from around a radius of about thirty miles.

Competition for places is high, as are standards, but the school also looks for young people who will contribute to the wider life of the school.

Please register for the Entrance Examination as soon as possible to allow us to process the registration and contact primary schools for references. Following receipt of the registration form any candidate with a learning need will have an assessment with a Special Educational Needs professional.

Admissions For September 2019

We are currently taking registrations for the Entrance Examinations for 2019 entry (for Years 7 to 10) which will take place on Saturday 10 November 2018.  All candidates must be registered before sitting the entrance examination.  Registration, bursary and scholarship application forms must be received by Friday 5 October 2018. 

Following the 2019 Entrance Examination, offer letters will be sent out on Thursday 29 November 2017 and the acceptance deadline will be Monday 4 March 2019.

The acceptance deadline for places is, by a nationally agreed code of practice, the same for all independent schools, allowing parents and children time to review all their options, including those from the maintained sector, before making a final decision.

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Admissions News

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Data Protection

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Our Registrar, Mrs Vanessa Rooney and her assistants, Miss Helen Morgan and Mrs Catherine Rogers will be pleased to talk you through the admissions process. Please contact them on 01926 634201 or 01926 634262.

" We definitely made the right choice of school and are very grateful that you gave her a place. The main reason we initially fell in love with the school was hearing about the 'ethos' and the pastoral care. At the time I said to others that all schools talk about these things but yours was the only school where I really believed it. My instincts were right!"

“Our son has grown hugely in confidence in all areas: sport, music, academic and social since joining Princethorpe. There are so many opportunities and trips available to him which he is making the most of. It is obvious that all his teachers care very much about him and his development. We feel that the ethos is at the heart of the success of the college and we have recommended Princethorpe to many of our friends.”

"The College is fantastic! It's the best decision we have ever made sending our daughter there."

Admissions Calendar

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