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Entrance Exams

Entrance Exams for September 2025 Entry

All candidates must be registered before sitting the entrance examinations. Registrations, bursary and scholarship applications must be received by the deadline of Friday 27 September 2024 to allow us to process the registration and contact schools for references.

Admissions Team

Our Registrar, Mrs Catherine Rogers and Assistant Registrar, Mrs Marie Holt, will be pleased to talk you through the admissions process.
Please contact the team on 01926 634201/297

scholarships and bursaries

There is a variety of Scholarships available for particularly able or talented candidates
ranging from Academic, Art and Performing Arts (Choral, Drama, Music and Musical Theatre including Dance) to Sport. In addition, exceptional candidates who are both academically able and gifted and talented across a number of areas may be considered for an All-Rounder Scholarship, which would be awarded at the discretion of the Headmaster.

Additionally, for the Sixth Form there are Academic, Music, Art, Drama and Sports Scholarships available.

More information is available on our Scholarships and Bursaries page.


Format of the day

Candidates should wear comfortable, casual clothing and bring a coat. Candidates should bring two pens, two pencils, eraser.

Candidates for Years 8 to 10 should bring two pens, two pencils, an eraser and a ruler. 

Candidates sit papers in English and Maths and for those looking at Year 9 and 10 a French or Spanish language paper. The papers vary in length from 45 minutes to 1 hour. Candidates for Years 7 to 9 also sit a 50 minute online assessment which includes Verbal Reasoning, Non-Verbal Reasoning and Numerical Reasoning. Candidates for Year 10 sit a verbal reasoning paper.

The day is planned to give plenty of time between the exams for breaks, a hot lunch and time to play outside if the weather allows.

"He came out of the exams happy and relaxed and feeling
that he'd been able to do his best, huge thanks!"

prospective parent

Online assessment

The online assessment is provided by Durham University’s Centre for Evaluation and Monitoring (CEM). The test is designed to enable all children to demonstrate their academic potential without the need for excessive preparation.

For more information on the online assessment please visit the CEM website at;


(If you experience difficulties opening this link please try Internet Explorer.)

There are no practice papers available for the online assessment. CEM advises parents that children can best prepare for their online assessment by learning to work quietly on their own, completing homework set by their school, and by reading and making sure they understand all the words in any books they read. Children should also, wherever possible, be encouraged to try to solve problems by looking things up for themselves. Children should be familiar with using a keyboard and a mouse including the ability to click, drag and slide with a mouse.

access arrangements

Children with a special educational need or disability (SEND)* will be considered for access arrangements in the Entrance Examinations. Any access arrangements granted will be based on the child’s normal way of working in their current educational environment, for which evidence will be required.

Following receipt of a registration form from any candidate with a learning need, the registration form and all supporting documents (including for example, Personal Learning Plan/Pupil Passport/One Page Profile (PLP), Individualised Education Plan (IEP), Education Health and Care Plan (EHCP), Educational Psychologist Report, SEND Specialist Assessment Report, Autism Diagnosis Report, Medical Report or Therapist Report) will be reviewed by a panel of experts from our Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Team.

The panel will decide upon any appropriate access arrangements for the Entrance Exams based on the evidence provided and the candidate’s normal way of working. In more complex cases or if the panel has specific questions a meeting with one of our SEND Team will be arranged by the Registrars. Please ensure the Registrars receive your registration in good time, to enable this important review to take place.

Parents will be notified prior to the Entrance Examinations Day of the nature of any access arrangements granted or reasonable adjustments to be made. 

*Cognition and learning, e.g. dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyspraxia, SEMH – social, emotional and mental health, Communication and interaction, e.g. Autism Spectrum, speech, language communication needs or Physical, medical, sensory impairment or mobility.

Personal Interviews (Years 8, 9 and 10)

Additionally, for those entering Years 8, 9 and 10 personal interviews take place as part of their Taster Day. This is an informal 15 minute interview in English with Susan Harris, Head of Transition and Induction, or another senior member of staff, covering the candidate’s interests, achievements, aspirations and communication skills.

offers made

After the entrance examinations are marked the Admissions Panel sits to discuss applications. The Panel will take into consideration the entrance examinations results, references from feeder schools and, for those with Special Educational Needs, any information and evidence provided.
Those entering Years 8, 9 and 10 will also have their personal interviews considered. Exam results will be posted, first class, on Thursday 28 November 2024. No information will be available beforehand. For those offered a place in Years 8, 9 or 10 confirmation of acceptance with a £400 deposit is required to secure the place, by Monday 9 December 2024. For those offered a place in Year 7 confirmation of acceptance with a £400 deposit is required to secure the place, by Tuesday 4 March 2025. This deposit is refunded after the end of the final term which the pupil spends at Princethorpe.
The Year 7 acceptance deadline for places is, by a nationally agreed code of practice, the same for all independent schools, allowing parents and children time to review all their options, including those from the maintained sector, before making a final decision.
Once you have confirmed your acceptance of a place and sent your £400 deposit you will receive an acknowledgement and a receipt. A Joining Pack will then be sent to you during the Easter holidays, this will include various permission forms and essential information on school life.