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Fees 2022-2023

Registration fee £50.00 (non-returnable)

A non-returnable deposit of £300 will be requested at the time of a place being offered, and this will be refunded after the end of the final term which the pupil spends at the College.

Tuition Fees
£4,912 per term
Lunch A pre-payment biometric system is operated by our caterers.
Sixth Form Common Room Levy £20 per annum
Parent Teacher Association Levy £5 per annum


LAMDA tuition and instrumental lessons are available for piano, church organ, guitar, flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, trumpet, cornet, French horn, trombone, tuba, violin, viola, cello and double bass.

LAMDA and music fees are negotiated with, and invoiced separately to, parents by tutors to whom enquiries and payments should be directed. 


Individual Learning Support and Learning Support with the SEND team

Individual Learning Support Tuition
A charge of £16.50 per lesson will be made, payable in advance each term.

Learning Support with the SEND team
Small group tuition - typically 3 or 4 pupils per group - with a specialist qualified SEND specialist is offered; charged at £16.50 for one session a week, £24 for two sessions and £30 for three sessions per week, payable termly in advance.

For some pupils, it may be possible to arrange individual 1:1 specialist tuition with a qualified SEND professional; a charge of £33 per 50-minute lesson will be made, payable in advance each term.


payment of fees

Fees are due on or before the first day of each term. Parents can view their accounts and bills for each term using the Bills & On-line Payment site on the website. Advice is sent by email when bills become available for a new term.

Parents are requested to make payment to us in the following ways:

  • direct debit, a form is available on request;
  • debit card payment, via the Bills and On-line Payment site;
  • direct bank transfer, please state billing reference number

Please note we do not accept payment in cash for the fee bill.

Discounts on the main tuition fee are automatically applied to siblings (5% for second and third sibling, 10% for fourth and subsequent siblings) and apply whilst there are two or more children attending schools in the Foundation* but excluding children attending the Nursery.

Interest is charged for late settlement of fees at a rate of 6% per annum or part thereof. Letters relating to late payment of fees are charged at £10.

School Fee Plan are a provider of finance for School Fees and they may be able to offer you a service. Please click the banner for further information.

During periods of optional leave no consideration shall be given to remission of any fees. Those who pay a deposit to secure a place, subsequently turning it down before admission, will forfeit the deposit in its entirety. The school requires a term's notice of a pupil's departure from school; this requirement also applies for pupils joining the school. Parents should ensure they are familiar with the school's terms and conditions.

* Princethorpe College, Crackley Hall School, Crescent School

fraud prevention

Parents are asked to be vigilant in respect of any communications purporting to be from the Foundation
requesting money that do not match our normal procedures.
Please note:
• invoices are only available through the Fee Billing Portal;
• our bank account details will NOT change during the academic year 2022-23;
• if you receive an email purporting to amend our bank details, do not make any payment and please contact us by
  telephone immediately to clarify;
• we do not email details of unsolicited discounts for payment of funds.
Please contact the Bursary if you have concerns about any communication you receive and in particular if you receive any request for payment of funds outside our normal routines.

Before and after school

The College is open from 7.30am to 6.00pm, and there is no charge before or after school. After school many pupils choose to take part in co-curricular
activities or do their homework in ‘Prep’, this is free of charge until
6.00pm; after this time there is a charge of £10 per half hour or
part thereof.