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Scholarships & Bursaries

There is a variety of Scholarships available for particularly able or talented candidates ranging from Academic, Art and Music to All-Rounder. Additionally for the Sixth Form there are Academic, Music, Art, Drama and Sports Scholarships available.

Every year there is a high level of interest in both Scholarships and Bursaries and the number of awards are limited.

Scholarships to a maximum reduction of 50% of tuition fees are available and are awarded at point of entry. Scholarship awards may be revoked if scholars fail to fulfil the conditions on which they were awarded.

Academic scholarships

Candidates applying for entry in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be considered automatically for an academic scholarship when taking the Entrance Examination.

During their time at Princethorpe academic scholars are invited to attend guest lectures and will be offered a variety of opportunities for stretch and challenge, such as undertaking a Project Qualification.


All-rounder scholarships

Children who are both academically able and gifted in a variety of areas are invited to apply for an All-Rounder Scholarship.

Please complete the All-Rounder Scholarship form and provide supporting evidence to show the areas of talent or expertise and standards achieved. This should include, for example, references from team coaches or activity leaders, certificates and awards. This information should be presented in a portfolio format with a covering letter from the child to the Headmaster.

Applications for the All-Rounder Scholarship and supporting portfolio should be submitted to the Registrars by Friday 30 September 2022.

Please note that portfolios are returned after results letters have been sent out at the end of November. If no portfolio is submitted to support the All-Rounder Scholarship application by the deadline date, the candidate will be withdrawn from the Scholarship application process. 


Art scholarships

Deadline for applications: Friday 30 September 2022
Art Scholarship Day: Wednesday 2 November 2022

All candidates wishing to be considered must complete an Art Scholarship application form and return it by Friday 30 September 2022.

Princethorpe Art Scholarships will be awarded to those pupils who, in the opinion of the Head of Art, Paul Hubball, demonstrate an ability to express ideas clearly in visual terms, to tackle and solve problems in an imaginative, original and expressive way and to be studious and single-minded in their approach to their study of Art. Art Scholars are expected to continue with Art on the curriculum at least until Year 11, and usually in the Sixth Form. 

Wednesday 2 November 2022 will be set aside for scholarship interviews and examinations. Candidates should report to the Theatre Entrance at 9.30am. All materials and lunch will be provided. Candidates should be collected from the Theatre Entrance at 3.00pm. Please click here to download Arts Scholarship form.

The Examination

The Examination will consist of two sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The morning will involve studies in various media of still life objects. Candidates should practice drawing and painting manmade and organic forms.

Afternoon Session - Still Life in the Style of an Artist

Candidates should select an artist of their choice. The artist should have a distinct and recognisable style, e.g. Picasso, Matisse, Cezanne, Van Gogh, Hockney or Lichtenstein (these are just suggestions, you may wish to choose another). Preparatory studies should be made beforehand.

These may consist of drawings and colour studies in any appropriate medium of the artist’s work. Candidates are required to prepare for a still life piece which emulates their chosen artist’s work; it cannot be a direct copy of an existing piece.

Candidates will need to set up a still life with objects that are similar or the same as those in their chosen painting and either take photos of the still life or work directly from life. They may bring their objects or photographs with them on the day. They must also submit their preparatory studies in support of their final piece.

Candidates will be given one and a half hours to complete their still life in the style of an artist. Candidates will be assessed on their skill in using their chosen medium as well as their ability to show a clear understanding of the style of their chosen artist in the final piece which should be A3 in size.

All materials will be provided by the College and will include pencil, crayon, charcoal, chalk, pastel (oil and chalk) and paint.

Interview and presentation of a portfolio

Candidates will also be expected to present a portfolio of some recent work during the day. Their portfolio should be brought along to the College on the day of the Art Scholarship Examination. Candidates should be able to answer general questions on Art and specific questions relative to their own work; they should be able to express ideas clearly and fluently. The portfolio will be returned to the candidate when they leave.

The portfolio should consist of 10 pieces of work only and no larger than A2.

5 pieces must demonstrate the candidate’s ability to draw the following:

  • 1 x A4 tonal drawing of a sliced red pepper (slightly larger than life size)
  • 1 x A4 colour drawing of a sliced tomato (larger than life size to fit page)
  • 1 x A3 tonal drawing of a pair of laced shoes (life size - be creative with the composition of the drawing)
  • 1 x A3 colour drawing of a reflective object (size depends on object)
  • 1 x A3 tonal self portrait drawing (life size)

Plus 5 pieces of your choice (no larger than A2):
These pieces should aim to demonstrate the candidate’s ability to tackle problems, to experiment with various media and techniques, to display visual awareness, to gather, investigate, analyse and record visual information. Photographs of any three-dimensional work can also be included.


music scholarships

Deadline for applications: Friday 30 September 2022
Auditions: Week commencing Monday 31 October 2022

Auditions for Music Scholarships will be held during the week commencing Monday 1 November 2021 with Gil Cowlishaw, the Director of Music. The Registrars will advise all candidates of the time of their auditions. All candidates wishing to be considered must complete a Music Scholarship application form and return it by Friday 30 September 2022.

It is a stipulation that all Music Scholars sing in the College Choir, play in the orchestra and are available for any tours, stage productions and concerts, putting rehearsals as a priority over other co-curricular activities. Music Scholars are expected to continue with Music on the curriculum at least until Year 11, and usually in the Sixth Form.

Requirements for Music Scholarship candidates
This is a guide only, as candidates’ background will vary.

Entry to Year 7  - A standard of Grade 4 ABRSM or equivalent, on woodwind, brass, percussion, piano or voice. Grade 3 on any stringed instrument.

Entry to Year 8  - A standard of Grade 5 ABRSM or equivalent, on woodwind, brass, percussion or voice. Grade 4 on any stringed instrument or piano.

Entry to Year 9 or 10  - A standard of Grade 6 ABRSM or equivalent, on woodwind, brass, percussion or voice. Grade 5 on any stringed instrument or piano.

The Audition
All candidates must attend a practical examination. At the audition they will be required to:

  • Perform 2 pieces on the instrument of their first choice.
  • Perform 1 piece on the instrument of their second choice.
  • Sing a song of their own choice.
  • Play the panel’s selection of scales and arpeggios from the ABRSM grade that best reflects their current standard, and undertake an aural test of the same standard.
  • Participate in a viva voce, where they will be asked about their music-making, hobbies, etc.

Piano accompaniments should be brought to the audition. An accompanist will be provided unless a candidate prefers to be accompanied by an external accompanist they elect to bring with them. Candidates are advised to perform music with which they are comfortable, rather than playing music which is technically beyond them. We are looking for potential, commitment and reliability. Names and addresses of two referees must be supplied, one of which should be the school music teacher or conductor of a choir or orchestra in which the candidate regularly performs.


scholarship interviews

Prospective Year 7, 8, 9 and 10 pupils who are being considered for either major Academic or All-Rounder Scholarships will be invited to an interview with the Headmaster, Deputy Head - Academic and the Assistant Head - Co-Curricular following the entrance examinations. The parents/ guardians of these candidates will be contacted by telephone from Wednesday 9 November 2022. Only those being considered for these awards will be contacted. The interviews will take place on Saturday 12 November 2022 and during week commencing Monday 14 November 2022.



The Foundation wishes to extend the benefit of the school's Catholic ethos, academic and social excellence to families who may not be able to pay full fees through the provision of financial assistance by way of bursaries and the Thomas More scholarship.

2023 entry


Every year there is a high level of interest in Bursaries and the number of awards are limited. Bursaries are available for up to 100% of tuition fees, plus additional educational expenses. Bursaries are available for any external candidates, primarily for entry into Princethorpe College, regardless of current school or religion.

In addition to support with fees, children granted bursaries may be eligible for a reduction in the cost of music lessons at the College with our peripatetic music teachers.

Whilst the main financial criteria for the award are household income and net assets each application is considered on its own merits. Costs associated with dependant sick or disabled children will be taken into account and an allowance is made where there are other children already in the Foundation.

Applications are made via an online system, please contact feessupport@princethorpe.co.uk to be sent a link to the system.

Applications for bursaries are means-tested and reviewed by external consultants. The deadline for bursary applications is Friday 30 September 2022


The Thomas More Scholarship

The Thomas More Scholarship is a means-tested scholarship for Catholic children aged 11 by 31 August 2023, who attend a Catholic state primary school.

The application process is the same as for bursaries except letters of recommendation signed by the Parish Priest and current Headteacher are also required. The letters should include details of the length of time that the candidate has been known to them and confirmation of the candidate’s date of baptism.

Applications for the Thomas More Scholarship should be received by Friday 30 September 2022.

Advice of outcome

The result of applications will be advised in the letter regarding the examination results which will be sent to parents on Thursday 24 November 2022. Those applications which do not meet the necessary criteria will be notified before the Entrance Examinations. 


How to apply

Applications are made via an online system, please contact feessupport@princethorpe.co.uk to be sent a link to the system.

Applications will be considered at any time but the availability of funds is likely to be significantly restricted after the cut off date of Friday 30 September 2022.