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At Princethorpe College we strive to enable all our pupils to realise their full potential. For most of our pupils this is achieved within the curriculum by Quality First teaching from all members of staff. We recognise, however, that some of
our pupils have Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) that require specialist provision as well. 

A small team of qualified and experienced Learning Support teachers and Learning Support assistants provide this support across the school. For some specialist tuition, please see the fees section for details.

For further details please contact send@princethorpe.co.uk

specific learning difficulties and other send

Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities are identified on the SEND Register, under the four
categories in line with the 2016 Code of Practice:
  • Cognition and Learning (including Specific Learning Difficulties such as dyslexia, dyspraxia, ADHD)
  • Communication and Interaction (Speech and Language Difficulties, autism spectrum condition including Asperger’s Syndrome)
  • Social, Emotional, Mental Health
  • Sensory (including hearing or visual impairments), Physical disabilities, Medical conditions
Learners of course may have co-occurring needs in more than one of these areas. In addition, more information is published to all staff on the school’s intranet and enables all subject teachers to support these learners and to plan
and differentiate their lessons. For pupils with significant learning needs, more detailed information is provided to all staff through their Personalised Learning Profiles, giving details of the pupil’s individual learning needs together with advice on appropriate teaching strategies and reasonable adjustments.
The Learning Support staff work with parents/families in a team approach to plan and to share information and progress. We are an inclusive learning environment – pupils with SEND follow the same curriculum as all other pupils, although there can be appropriate flexibility in the timetable at each Key Stage to develop a good fit for
each learner’s needs and progress.
At Key Stage 3, where appropriate, we can offer bespoke interventions through individual and small
group specialist tuition with qualified and experienced specialist teachers, alongside some in-class support
from the Learning Support team. We use multisensory, metacognitive teaching and learning methods as well
as specialist technology designed to increase pupils’ independent learning across the curriculum.
At Key Stage 4 some pupils may take one less GCSE option, in order to have individual or small group
tuition or study skills teaching, alongside subject support for their GCSE course.
At Key Stage 5, Sixth Form students can have support for their SEND, advice on use of technology and study

*For any year group, small group tuition (including pairs) and individual one-to-one specialist tuition incurs an additional fee, details of which can be found in the Fees section of our website.


examination access arrangements

Some candidates for external examinations may require adjustments because of their identified disabilities or learning difficulties. The Learning Support team work with pupils throughout their time at Princethorpe College to develop their normal way of working, trialling various examination access arrangements to find what works best with their SEND alongside the necessary standardised assessment carried out by our specialist assessors in the Learning Support team. Application is made in due course for external examination entries following the JCQ
detailed procedure.


English language development

For pupils for whom English is not their first language we may be able to offer some targeted support with
the development of English language skills.