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Sixth Form Admissions 2022

The Sixth Form at Princethorpe offers great choice, quality teaching in small classes, a vast array of sporting, co-curricular, leadership and service opportunities coupled with excellent pastoral care and guidance, tailored to the needs of today’s young adults. Our staff give outstanding individual support to all students and this remains an essential feature of Sixth Form life.

Admission to the Sixth Form is based on satisfactory GCSE results, with the addition of an informal interview for external candidates. The minimum academic requirement for entry to Princethorpe Sixth Form is six GCSEs grades at levels 9-5, including at least three grade level 6s or equivalent. Candidates are normally expected to have at least a level 6 in the subjects to be studied to A-level, however for Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Latin and Chemistry and Physics a level 8 is recommended, although we will consider pupils who achieved a level 7 if they have their teacher’s support. A level 7 is required for Biology.

If you wish to begin Economics or Law in Sixth Form, you will be expected to have achieved at least a level 6 in both Mathematics and English Language. If you wish to study Computer Science at A-level, you must have taken it at GCSE. If you wish to study Psychology at A-level you will need a minimum of a level 5 in English and Mathematics, plus a level 6 is highly recommended in a Science subject (ideally Biology).

Please work really hard for your GCSEs because they are likely to be the only externally validated evidence of academic success that universities and employers will have available to them when making their decisions.

Above all, we want Sixth Form to be a rich and fulfilling experience for you: an opportunity to enjoy a range of learning situations and a time when you feel encouraged to explore future possibilities. If you enter it whole-heartedly, it really should be the best time of your life so far!

Next steps?

If you are already at Princethorpe, the options procedure is explained to you through assemblies, meetings, tutorials and interviews.

If you are not yet at Princethorpe and are thinking of joining us, we would be delighted to welcome you. Please contact the Registrars who will be happy to talk you through the process.

Sixth Form Taster Days

Tuesday 7 December 2021 and Thursday 13 January 2022

Considering Princethorpe College Sixth Form for September 2022? If you are not already at Princethorpe these Taster Days are a great way for you to experience Sixth Form life and take part in the subjects that you are considering taking. 

If you would like to come along please book your place for either day below. 

To book your place please click here. 

External Candidates

The deadline for Sixth Form applications for external candidates is Monday 31 January 2022. We would appreciate having your application in by that date, along with your completed Final Option Subject Choices Form and any Academic, Art, Drama, Music (including Organ) and Sport Scholarship or Bursary applications.

Following satisfactory references from the student’s current school, the Admission Panel will meet and, if appropriate, a conditional offer will be made subject to actual GCSE grades.

Sixth Form offers and Scholarship offers will be made week commencing Monday 28 March 2022.

Confirmation of acceptance from a parent with a £300 deposit is then required to secure the place. This deposit is refunded after the end of the final term which the student spends at Princethorpe.

The deadline for acceptances of Sixth Form places and Scholarship offers is Wednesday 27 April 2022.

If you have any questions relating to the admissions process or scholarships please contact our friendly Admissions Team, Registrar, Vanessa Rooney, Assistant Registrar, Helen Morgan and Admissions Administrator, Catherine Rogers, who will be pleased to help you. Please contact them on 01926 634201/262/297 or 07930 601877/07951 075247 respectively, alternatively email them at admissions@princethorpe.co.uk.

Our Information Booklet for 2022 admissions is below.

For external candidates, once actual GCSE grades have been advised to the Registrar by telephone in August, a confirmed offer will be made. 

Confirmation of acceptance from a parent with £300 deposit is then required to secure the place. This deposit is refunded after the end of the final term which the pupil spends at Princethorpe.

The Head and Assistant Heads of Sixth Form hold interviews following GCSE results day for any prospective Sixth Former who has concerns about his or her choice of subjects.

Sixth Form Scholarships and Bursaries

At Sixth Form level there are a range of scholarships available, from Academic to Art, Drama, Music (including Organ) and Sports Scholarships. All scholarships are open to internal and external candidates.

The deadline for applications for Sixth Form Scholarships is Monday 31 January 2022, click on the button below for more information on the individual scholarships, requirements and the relevant process.