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    Kieron Shaw


    MBE, MSc, FCIS

    Educated in the UK, Libya, Malta and Malaysia, I served as a senior Royal Air Force officer (with two periods of loan to the Army) before retiring early in 1995. My service included an appointment as the station commander of a large RAF station and two separate appointments within the Ministry of Defence in London. As well as serving within the UK, I also served in a variety of capacities in Cyprus, Oman, Germany and the Far East.

    I then worked for 16 years as the Foundation Secretary and Treasurer of a foundation of 4 large independent schools in Leicestershire. Ostensibly retiring in 2012, I am now the treasurer of a Catholic church in Loughborough, the secretary of the midlands region of the Independent Schools’ Bursars Association, and a trustee of two charities and an unincorporated non-charitable association, two of which are based in London.

    I have assisted Princethorpe College on a number of occasions in recent years and am delighted to be invited to join the Board of Trustees. I live in Leicestershire, which is a relatively short drive away from Princethorpe College.