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michael's story

Old Princethorpian (2018)

04 Mar

I come from a single-parent, low income background and Princethorpe was the most critical part of my early childhood development and certainly education. I made friends I still depend on today. I continue to reap the rewards of the extra-curricular opportunities in Design and Technology in which I participated. 

My first memory as a young pupil was experiencing the diverse and rounded nature of the school curriculum. There were some staff members who were, perhaps, the best educators and most engaging personalities I’ve ever met, surpassing that of even university standard. Games on a Wednesday is also very memorable - taking the time out for a weekly afternoon of sport had so many advantages for social and personal development.

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What is your greatest memory of  your time at Princethorpe?

My most profound memory of Princethorpe is, by far, the grounds and architecture. For me, the inspiring nature of the school’s surroundings and history was a driving force for my own success. The opportunity to study in such an environment is unlike anything else I’ve experienced and rivalled by few other institutions.


What are you doing now?

I’m now in the third year of my MEng Electronic and Electrical Engineering at the University of Birmingham. I’ve been awarded many scholarships and honours, such as the Lloyds Bank Undergraduate Scholarship (where I now have a guaranteed, paid summer internship this year), the Royal Television Society STEM Bursary, WCSIM Undergraduate STEM Bursary, IET Diamond Jubilee Scholarship and UOB’s Enhanced Chamberlain Award for low-income students. 



  • Princethorpe provides the stepping stones for students to succeed and it’s the perfect environment for educational cultivation.

    Old Princethorpian (2018)