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Princethorpe Netballers Score Representative Honours

08 Dec

It has been a great term for Netball and Princethorpe College Head of Girls’ Games, Carly Walton, has a lot to smile about with 11 Princethorpe netballers scoring representative honours this season. 

She says, “Things are looking good, commitment is strong across the year groups, the practice courts are full after school and we have 11 girls who have been selected for development programmes. I am delighted that their dedication and hard work is being rewarded.”

Year 8s, Issey Cleary and Katherine Lee, Year 9s, Lola Esler, Faith Katanda and Darcey Wolsey, Year 10s, Amy Farquharson and Issy Thompson and Year 11s Frankie Kelly and Hannah Wildey have been selected into their age groups for the Warwickshire netball squads. Chosen from a pool of several hundred girls, from some twenty plus schools across the county, the Princethorpe contingent will join either the Development or Progression squads playing against other counties from across the country.

Three girls have also been selected for Seven Stars programmes. Frankie Kelly and Mia Webb for their Nova Performance Centre and, Year 10, Bella Ward for their Player Development Pathway Programme.

Netball is an exacting sport; demanding an instinctive feel for the ball, hawk-like precision and the capacity to make lightning decisions. The sport is growing in popularity with more people playing than ever before.

All of these girls are dedicated to their sport, they work hard year in year out and they fully embody the College’s ‘do your best’ ethos. With such depth of talent across the year groups we are looking forward to hearing news about their impact on the game in College fixtures.

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