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Whole School Photograph Records Princethorpe Community For Posterity

14 Oct

After delays due to COVID and subsequent aborted attempts, last week we finally managed to take a photograph of the whole school. The Princethorpe family was recorded for posterity, a moment in time, that will always be remembered. The photograph will, once produced, be hung in the corridor adjacent to the Chapel, alongside the others from over the years. 

Of course, the organisation of such a mass event requires military precision, exemplary behaviour and a prayer for fair weather. Sadly Wednesday 5 October dawned windy and wet but the gathering of nearly 1000 souls, as pupils, teachers and support staff assembled, was going ahead whatever the weather and all went smoothly and sensibly. 

The just before the heavens opened there was time for - smiles please - and click, and we were done. Another chapter in Princethorpe's long history successfully recorded. 

Enjoy a time-lapse of the whole school photo on our Facebook page here

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