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College Celebrates Whole School Eucharist

15 Sep

The College community gathered in the Sports Hall on Wednesday 14 September to celebrate a whole school Eucharist to mark the start of the academic year. Led by Father Alan Whelan MSC, supported by Father Teddy O’Brien MSC, pupils and staff were introduced to the new Chaplaincy school theme for the year of ‘Change’.

Father Alan reminded the school that change is all around us, that we should embrace change, as it is only through change that we grow. Pupils then considered what change they could make to be kind to others, recording their individual thoughts on a card.

Together as a community, pupils and staff prayed for the school, for our families and for all those in the world who need our hopes. During the service pupils and staff received the sacrament or a blessing. It was wonderful to come together as a community and to have the opportunity to reflect and pray.

Our thanks go to the Junior Chaplaincy Prefects and to Father Alan and Father Teddy for leading us in the service.

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