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European Day Of Languages

13 Oct

This year the MFL and House teams challenged staff and pupils to take part in fun language-based activities. Staff were all encouraged to use a foreign language in their lessons, either speaking it or including it in the lesson activity with Princethorpe's pupils acting as judges and the results of the European Day of Languages staff competition are now in!

In 3rd place - Alef Rosenbaum, Maths department.
Mr Rosenbaum showed off his knowledge of French during his maths lessons by counting and giving instructions in his favourite language. Some pupils said "it was beautiful".

In 2nd place - Dr Emilie Onyekwe, Science department.
Dr Onyekwe left her Year 11 astounded when they realised that she spoke French fluently. "I didn't know that she was fluent; this was an unexpected surprise!" shared one of them.

In 1st place - Meg O'Gorman, RS department.
Miss O'Gorman not only used French in her lesson, but she included it in her class notebook, showing a skilled marriage between blended learning and languages. Her pupils loved being called "petits pois" and one could not help saying that they felt it was an amazing lesson, as always.

Berenice Galano, Teacher of MFL, said, "A huge well done to all that took part in this first staff competition for European Day of Languages and rising to the challenge of immersion learning. A special mention also to Mrs Moon, Mrs Pascoe-Williams and Mrs Munford who must be commended for the resources created for the occasion and their effort in making this day special for all."

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