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Local Schools Rise To Inaugural Princethorpe College Year 5 Maths Challenge

09 Oct

Teams from Loxley Church of England Community Primary School took first and joint third place in the inaugural Princethorpe College Year 5 Maths Challenge. 

The competition took place on Monday 7 October 2019 and was run by Douglas Buchanan of DCBEAGLE Challenges who specialises in organising exciting and innovative maths activities for primary school aged children.

Competing against 28 pairs of enthusiastic and talented mathematicians from 15 local schools, the pupils took part in a series of puzzles against the clock.  In six eight-minute rounds the children tackled Tangram Triangles, Broken Calculators, Domino Jigsaws, Catch The Train, Card Order and Curly’s Cycling Circuits, before finishing with a bonus round of five final mathematics questions.

Ably supported and marked by a team of Princethorpe’s Year 10 pupils, the competition stretched and challenged the children with mathematical activities that required both reasoning skills and mathematical knowledge.

The event was huge fun for all who took part.  The final results were:

1st place: Loxley Church of England Community Primary School (near Wellesbourne)

2nd place: Clapham Terrace Community Primary School (Leamington Spa)

Joint 3rd place: Loxley Church of England Community Primary School, Brookhurst Primary School (Leamington Spa) and Crackley Hall School (Kenilworth)

The winning teams all received mathematical prizes and everyone who participated received a certificate and a special Princethorpe cookie.

It was a great opportunity for all to put their maths skills to the test.  Local schools wishing to take part in next year’s challenge should visit www.dcbeagle.com or email Douglas Buchanan at dcbeagleb@gmail.com for more information.


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