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College Celebrates Journée Européenne Des Langues 2019

26 Sep

At the College there are many opportunities to get excited about languages and celebrating European Day Of Languages is just one of them.

Throughout Europe, 800 million Europeans, of all ages, are encouraged to learn more languages. Incredibly, across the continent, there are some 24 official languages and over 200 different spoken dialects. Here in the UK four out of five adults regret not having learned another language, but that is something no Princethorpe pupil will ever be able to say!

Set up by the Council of Europe in 2001, Journée Européenne Des Langues promotes the importance of language learning and the cultural diversity that Europe provides.

Championed by the MFL and House teams, this year Princethorpe challenged pupils to take part in Miss Verleure's fun lunchtime language trivia quiz. Pupils gathered excitedly to answer a wide range of language based questions hoping to win points for their House and lots of lovely language related goodies.

Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Stella Keenan’s enthusiasm for languages was contagious as she rallied pupils to take part in the challenge, she said, “Through the lessons we teach and pupils’ day to day life they are encountering different European influences on a regular basis. Miss Verleure's quiz was all about having fun and I hope it helped inspire all our pupils with the languages they learn.”