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Wasps Netballer Samantha May Coaches South Africa Squad ​​​​​​​

20 Mar

Superleague, Wasps Netballer, Samantha May visited Princethorpe College yesterday afternoon, Tuesday 19 March, to coach the Sixth Form and Year 11 girls who will be touring South Africa in the summer.

Australian Samantha, who plays in Goal Defence/Wing Defence, began the session with a warm up that encouraged the girls to be quick on their feet before moving on to a series of netball drills.  The girls practised passing fluidly and accurately, placing the ball in a space and stealing the ball.  She encouraged them to get physical, stay engaged and look for quick clear shots.

They worked on 1-on-1 gameplay, focusing on driving forwards for the ball or cutting back, making sure all movements had an angle to them.  Then 2-on-2 play that centred on the first and second lead balls improving their ability to read each other on court.  Before finally playing a competitive 5-on-5 game where the girls worked as a team, reading each other in order to move the ball effectively down the court.

PE teacher, Hannah Carminati, said, “We are very grateful to Samantha for coming to visit us, the girls have really enjoyed the training session and will have gained valuable experience from their time with a professional player.  It has been a super opportunity for the South Africa squad to work together as they start their preparations for the 2019 South Africa summer tour.”

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