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House Public Speaking Competition Proves Popular With Pupils

09 Jan

Twenty-two pupils took part in the House Public Speaking competition in the Clarkson theatre at lunchtime on Thursday 13 December.

Each pupil spoke on a subject of their choice for a maximum of two minutes in front of an audience that included both judges and fellow pupils. In their speech pupils were required to articulate their points and demonstrate a good knowledge of their subject.

Public speaking is a vital life skill that pupils will use in both their careers and everyday lives. Practising the skills helps to build confidence and also experience in articulating and presenting ideas and sharing them with others, incredibly useful preparation for anyone facing examinations that require persuasive writing.

The competition proved so popular that not everybody had time to speak, so the House Activities Team had to run a second session the following day.

After listening to the competitors the judges praised all of the participants for the quality of their performance. They decided that four pupils had performed particularly well earning a special mention. Edward Foster and Chloe O’Carroll Bailey were commended for the content of their speech and Alfie Thomson and Amélie Friess for their style. Albert Jackson was recognised as best newcomer and Sam Astle, Jens Cowdry and Joseph Newborough all received a special award.

Housepoints were awarded as follows: Benet 310 points, More 243 points, Austin 169 points and Fisher 165 points.

Congratulations to all of the participants who took part. It was an interesting and enlightening event, very much enjoyed by all.