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Finley's Story

Year 7 pupil

26 Mar

It was my grandmother who first mentioned Princethorpe to my father and he then told me.  I thought it sounded like a nice place and when I visited I knew straight away that it would be the sort of school I would enjoy.  I think the ethos here at Princethorpe is really special, it feels like we are a community, one big family.

Now I am here in Year 7 I really enjoy school.  I trust the teachers, like my Maths teacher Mr Owens who explains topics well and that helps me to progress.  The teachers are always there to help you.

I like being active in lessons so I really enjoy PE with Miss Carminati, she is great fun, always smiling.   In fact sport is one of my many interests, I have just started playing hockey, as a goal-keeper, and it has been brilliant helping the strikers practise.

It was also fantastic to be in this year’s school play Little Shop Of Horrors, I was so happy when I found out I had a part, as so many people had auditioned, all hoping to get a part.  I played mini Seymour, it was an amazing experience.

I like everything about this school and if I were the Headteacher to be honest I think I would find it hard to improve it.

Which House do you belong to and have you been involved in any House competitions?

I am in Fisher House.  I took part in the School Talent Show, where I sang All Star I think it went well.  I also took part in the House Public Speaking competition and was awarded a certificate.  They were both good fun.


Do you play any instruments or sing?

I started the violin back in Year 2 and have continued to play here at Princethorpe.  I was also in the school choir at my junior school and now sing as a soprano in the College Choir.


Do you do any after-school clubs?

Mondays and Wednesdays were rehearsal days for the school play, Tuesday is Orchestra, Thursday Choir and Friday is Hockey.  There are so many after school activities, you could take part in something every day of the week.


Have you been on any school trips?

Early on in Year 7 we visited the Pioneer Centre and it was amazing.  I really enjoyed raft-building, it was very cold but I didn’t get wet.  I loved abseiling and the big zip wire.


What do you want to be when you grow up?

I would quite like to be a pilot, maybe in the RAF, or a professional hockey goal-keeper.  I’ll go into the Sixth Form first and then I will decide what to do. 

  • I think the ethos here at Princethorpe is really special, it feels like we are a community, one big family.