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Musical Theatre Group Were Magnificent In Loserville

02 Feb

Our College production of Loserville was magnificent. The Clarkson Theatre was filled full of energetic rock songs as audiences were transported back to America in the 1970s.

Loserville tells the story of unlikely hero Michael Dork and his closest friends, a group of socially awkward boys, struggling through High School and constantly thwarted by popular and privileged school quarterback, Eddie Arch and his cronies. Michael is trying to invent email, Lucas is writing his first Sci-Fi novel (Galaxy Battles; Episode 4) and Marvin and Francis spend all their time building a space ship from a shopping trolley. Then one day, a new girl arrives at the school. Holly is intelligent, funny and harbours a desire to become NASA’s first woman in space. Her sudden arrival throws everyone’s world into turmoil.

Loserville was filled full off brilliant and energetic rock songs by James Bourne of Busted and for five performances we joined our talented Musical Theatre Group on an exciting, if at times bumpy, ride to see our heroes got their 'Ticket Outta Loseville'.

It was spectacular show, full of vibrant energy and enthusiasm and we are all humming along to the songs after what was a most entertaining and enjoyable performance.

Congratulations to everyone involved, on stage and behind the scenes and especially to the Directors, Mr Cowlishaw and Ms Newborough. We just can't wait to find out what their plans are for next year!