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Year 9 Visit The National Holocaust Centre And Museum

09 Oct

Year 9 pupils visited the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in Newark on Friday 6 October to develop their knowledge of the events and their awareness of the causes and complexities of the Holocaust. 

The cross curricular trip supported both their Religious Studies and History topics this year.

Pupils participated in workshops and learnt about the Holocaust and why it happened. They explored the museum’s exhibitions, heard recorded survivor testimony, and saw exhibits, including real examples of the yellow stars Jews had to wear. Year 9 also had the opportunity to visit the memorial garden where they were encouraged to add their own pebbles to a stone memorial to the 1.5 million children of the Holocaust. The museum’s ambition is to eventually have a mound of 1.5 million stones, poignantly reflecting the Jewish tradition to lay pebbles on a grave.

Head of RS, Cyp Vella said, "Hearing the personal stories of survivors will have helped pupils connect with the Holocaust and built their understanding of the roots of discrimination and prejudice. What impressed me was the conversations it provoked amongst the pupils. The sensitivity and care taken by Year 9 while we were at the museum was an absolute credit to them. It was a moving and thought-provoking place to visit."