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Princethorpe’s Police Department Solve The Crime Scene Challenge

18 May

What a finale we had to this year’s Forensic Science Club on Wednesday 17 May.

Over the course of the Trinity Term, our Year 8 crime scene investigator trainees have been busy learning all about different forensic science techniques, from fingerprinting and blood splatter analysis to footprint evidence and soil samples, as well as how to process a crime scene and handwriting analysis.

After a body was found in the cellars, Year 8 were called upon to investigate, reviewing witness statements, examining the crime scene and collecting and analysing evidence. The pupils donned their protective clothing and set off to search the school for evidence. There was plenty to find, as the careless criminals had left many, many clues! It was a deadly mystery, but Year 8 were more than up for the challenge.

Science Teacher, Sam Curtis, was impressed by them all, commenting, “All Princethorpe’s trainee forensic scientists passed their assessment with flying colours, piecing together the evidence to solve the mystery and recover the stolen diamonds. They certainly weren’t fooled by all the double crossing going on.”

Well done to all the super-sleuthing scientists who took part!