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Year 10 Geography Field Trip Explores Shrewsbury And Carding Mill Valley

16 May

On Thursday 11 May, 42 Year 10 Geography GCSE pupils set off for Preston Montford, one of the Field Studies Council’s specialist outdoor centres. 

Lying close to the Welsh border, to the west of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, the field centre is a fantastic outdoor classroom where pupils were able to put into practise the geographical field skills they have been studying in their lessons. The two-day trip supported the geographical investigations modules that pupils undertake within their Geography GCSE.

Pupils spent one day exploring human geography topics, investigating the impact of internet shopping and consequent retail changes in the central business district in the county town of Shrewsbury. As part of their investigations, they completed questionnaires and took photographs which they will now put together with secondary data sources to complete their analysis. Then they also spent a day investigating physical geography topics in Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton. There they surveyed the rivers, undertaking measurements and investigating how river channel characteristics change and how they relate to flooding downstream.

Helen Baker, Joint Head of Geography, said, “Preston Montford is an excellent Field Centre. Thankfully, we enjoyed dry and at times sunny weather and the pupils’ engagement and conduct was exemplary. We had a very busy two days and the trip has given pupils a fantastic head start in Component 3 of their GCSE, Geographical Investigations: Fieldwork and UK Challenges.”