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Pupils Explored Engineering And Science At Warwick University

01 Mar

14 pupils from Year 9 to the Lower Sixth, with an interest in maths, science, technology and engineering, enjoyed a half term work experience opportunity at Warwick University. 

Organised through Dr Mathias Foo, who visited the College recently to deliver a lecture on the use of engineering, technology, computer modelling and simulation to improve agricultural practices, along with Dr Alexander Darlington, the pupils spent two days experiencing life as a student scientist at the University.

Their visit started with a tour of the University and the STEM departments, and the pupils enjoyed meeting the professors and their students and finding out about the research they are currently working on. Princethorpe’s pupils then participated in three modelling workshops using MATLAB and Simulink, some of the leading computer modelling and simulation tools used by STEM professionals. The workshops provided an introduction to using the modelling tools and a taste of how they could be applied in real world engineering applications. In their workshops pupils built a simple computer model of a mass and damper system similar to that used in vehicle suspension and analysed circadian rhythm in living organisms.

Lower Sixth Former, Amy Hogg, commented, “During the work experience we were shown around the STEM facilities they have at the University of Warwick. It was interesting looking at the larger pieces of equipment within the School of Engineering. It made me consider how different pieces of technology can be used to simulate different environments.”

Lower Sixth Former, Alex Flegg, said, “The work experience at Warwick University was a lot of fun, because we got to learn how to use the leading softwares in the science industry. It would be a useful event for any student that wants to study a science at university.”

Year 11, Jemima Teeton, added, “I learnt about the fascinating research being done at Warwick University and had the opportunity to meet many inspirational people who shared their passion for science, educating me on the incredible discoveries and research that they do.”

All of the participants agreed that it was a fascinating insight into the world of scientific learning.