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Sixth Form Chemists Enjoy Explosive Lecture

31 Jan

Our Sixth Form Chemists enjoyed a fascinating lecture organised by the local branch of the Royal Society of Chemistry in conjunction with the University of Birmingham.

The extra-curricular trip provided an opportunity to appreciate the practical applications of chemistry, as well as offering an insight into life and lectures at university.

Dr Tom Smith of CarnDu Limited spoke on the chemistry behind fireworks, colours, effects and using gas pressure to form different whistles and bangs. Our students were exposed to the dangers and challenges of unstable compounds, blast zones and organising impressive displays. The lecture was a pyrotechnical extravaganza of colour, light, sound and sparks. Dr Smith has plenty of experience on the subject having been involved in firework displays for events such as the London Olympics 2012, the Manchester and Melbourne Commonwealth Games and London’s New Year’s Eve displays.

Chemistry teacher, Jo Smith, commented, “The lecture was really interesting, Dr Smith was very engaging bringing his subject to life and giving students a greater understanding of the working scientific world.”