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Princethorpe College Invaded By Romans

18 Oct

The Roman Legion invaded Princethorpe College on Thursday 13 October armed with swords and scutums (shields) and ready to do battle. It was Year 7 Roman day, a day when every pupil in the year enjoys lessons full of tales of blood and gore, as they learn about the professional and heavy infantryman of the Roman army.  

Lucky class 'volunteers' dressed up in body armour and handled weapons as Gladiatrix Lisa, captivated the new recruits with fascinating facts about all things Roman. Pupils donned the Roman tunica, lorica (armour) and flea (helmet) and then picked up their gladius (sword) and prepared to march.

Year 7 were treated to lessons in sword skills and battle tactics from the greatest army of the time. They practised marching in the testudo formation adopting the shield wall formation commonly used by the Roman legions in battle. 

Get The Specialists brought to life the strategic tactics and organisation of the Roman fighting machine. With replica costumes and equipment their sessions complemented the lessons Year 7 have been studying in History this half-term. 

History Teacher, Greg Lyttle, said, "The Year 7s have learnt all about the life of a Roman soldier, his training and his clothing and armour, but they have also discovered lots of interesting background information about Roman times. Get The Specialists' visit has left pupils buzzing with curiosity and keen to find out more, it was a fantastic day of learning for all who took part."