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Chapel Christmas Tree A Testament To The Presence Of Love In The World

10 Dec

The Christmas tree in the College Chapel has been lovingly decorated with twinkling lights and hand cut stars, each holding the name of a special someone.

All members of the college community were invited to write the names of those who have touched their lives with love and have a special place in their hearts on a star. Then each individual star has been carefully positioned on the tree. 

Comments, Mary Benham, Chaplaincy Co-ordinator, “The message of Christmas is one of love and the decorated Christmas tree in the Chapel symbolically represents that message. The many stars on the tree are a testament to the presence of love in the world – and the way in which, individually, all our lives have been enriched by love.”

Our thanks go to Year 7 pupils Elizabeth, Isabella, Emily (not pictured), Anabel and Alicia for their help with preparing and hanging the stars.

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