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Lauren's Combating COVID-19 Junior Academy Challenge

05 May

Princethorpe STEAM Ambassador and Deputy Head Girl, Lauren Mason, has been taking part in a ‘Combating COVID-19’ Junior Academy Challenge for the New York Academy of Sciences.

Lauren has been a member of the Junior Academy for the last few years and represented the UK in an international team working on the Covid challenge. Together they undertook primary research collecting data for analysis on a range of different factors associated with living in a country affected by the virus. Several weeks ago Lauren asked the Princethorpe community to support her research by taking part in the survey.

Lauren says, "The Junior Academy challenge is now finished so I can share the results. Our final presentation can be found here. You will see that it includes the survey results and the analysis, which the Princethorpe community so kindly contributed to. Anyone who wants to view the full survey analysis can find it here."

She continues, "I would just like to say thanks again to the Princethorpe community for completing the survey for us. I really enjoyed participating in this challenge as it has provided a focus for me outside of schoolwork. It has been interesting to network internationally and see how different cultures are coping with the pandemic." 

The survey makes very interesting reading. A big thank you to all those who supported Lauren by taking part.

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