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Princethorpe Hosts First Ever Socially Distanced Spring Concert

24 Apr

Thanks to the wonders of technology and the dedication of our fantastic Director of Music, Gil Cowlishaw, Princethorpe College presented a ‘Socially Distanced Spring Concert’ on Friday 24 April.

Mr Cowlishaw masterminded the event which involved around 60 members of the school community, including pupils, staff and peripatetic music teachers, all performing from home.

Via Microsoft Teams he shared parts for a host of instruments, for sopranos, baritones and altos and created a ‘Virtual Conductor’ video to bring all the musicians and singers together into one harmonious whole for a special combined performance of Elbow’s hit One Day Like This.

Comments Mr Cowlishaw, “Nothing, not even a pandemic, was going to stop us having our Spring Concert. Elbow's anthemic hit, with it's main lyrical theme, seemed a fitting and uplifting choice for our finale and the times we find ourselves in. The ‘virtual’ concert has really captured everyone’s imagination and I’ve been overwhelmed by the response!”

In addition to the flagship performance there was a host of other musical items in the hour long concert which was streamed to the College community via Teams. The programme included traditional and more contemporary pieces and even some improvisation, the musicians involved ranged from Year 7 to Upper Sixth and musical grades 1 to 8. The concert took over 100 hours to piece together, not counting the time spent by the individual contributors.

What better form of entertainment could there be on a Friday evening!!

Click here to view the special finale performance.

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