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Lunchtime Fun For House Wacky Racers

25 Jun

As pupils begin to countdown towards the end of term there was no better way to start the final full week of school than with a little bit of lunchtime fun. 

Organised by the House Activities team out on the North Lawn, House Wacky Races evoked nostalgic memories of old-fashioned sports days.  With space hoppers, beanbags, wheelbarrow races, obstacle courses, wheely cars, hoops and even fancy dress; those with a ‘sporting urge’ had the chance to hop, leap, skedaddle and even dress up competing against their classmates to earn a few extra house-points.

It was a little slow to start, but as soon as word got around that House honour was at stake, more and more pupils gathered to give it a go.

The full and final reckoning of points was:

Austin 1st : 220 points

More 2nd  : 125 points

Benet 3rd : 105 points

Fisher 4th : 70 points

Special well done to star wacky racers Jemima and Tom from Austin, Freddie from More and Grace from Benet and well done to Fisher for having so many participants take part!

Next up is House Activities Day on Tuesday 2 July – the House team have lots planned – it is always memorable and the excitement is building!