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Whitemoor Wet But Still Wonderful

17 Jun

Rain didn’t stop play last weekend when Year 8 enjoyed a wonderful three-day programme at Whitemoor Lakes Outdoor Residential Centre.  

80 pupils took part in activities that included archery, canoeing, climbing, high ropes and problem solving.  In small groups pupils rotated around the activities working together to complete the challenges they were set.  With no mobiles, Year 8 were off the grid and had time for plenty of old fashioned fun.  Pupils tackled all the activities with great energy and commitment and showed excellent team working skills. In the evenings they enjoyed playing team games and dancing at the fabulous Saturday night disco.

The rain over the weekend was at times atrocious so activities had to be tailored to fit in with conditions but, with true British spirit, Year 8 weathered the extra challenges and concentrated on having fun.

Teacher Louisa Fielding, said, “The residential was very wet but pupils still had great fun. There were lots of opportunities for them to develop their team working skills and the activities helped to encourage initiative and develop resilience and social awareness. The children also had the chance to demonstrate leadership skills and to get out of their comfort zones.  Pupils in Year 8 have established friendships groups but this cross-year activity, enabled them to mix with different groups and make new friends. They will have come back to school having gained in confidence and ready for the challenges that Year 9 will present.”

Well done all and a big thank you to all the staff who accompanied the trip and took on the activities and the weather too.