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Hearing Dog Minnie Shows Pupils How Important It Is To Listen

08 Jan

The College was delighted to welcome back, former Director of Ethos, David Hare, on the first day of the Lent Term. David spoke to pupils from across the College about the important skill of listening in a series of Epiphany services in the Chapel. David brought with him Minnie, his hearing dog, whose listening skills help him hear.

David retired from Princethorpe College in 2015 after 35 years of teaching in hearing schools, 14 spent happily at Princethorpe. He describes himself as moderately-profoundly deaf.

In his five talks to pupils David spoke about the differences between hearing and listening and the active concentration required to understand what has been heard. He explained how tiring listening can be especially for someone with little or no hearing and how important it is to use your eyes as well as your ears when you listen.

David demonstrated how Minnie helps him to hear. How she alerts him to come if he is being called, if the doorbell goes, if a timer goes off, or an alarm clock and most importantly how she shows him there is danger if a fire alarm sounds. He explained that Minnie doesn’t just hear, but listens in order to work out the correct alert to use.

The Epiphany services offered College pupils the opportunity to reflect on the coming term. Whilst leading the services Father Alan Whelan MSC encouraged pupils as they settled back down to daily school life to reflect on the skill of listening and to “listen with their ears, but also to listen with their heads and their hearts”.

Our thanks go to David, his wife Anne and to Minnie for taking the time to come into school and for undertaking such a marathon morning of motivational mentoring and to Father Alan for leading the morning’s Epiphany services.

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