Princethorpe College

Princethorpe College is a Catholic, co-educational, HMC independent day school for around 900 pupils aged eleven to eighteen and welcomes members of all faiths and backgrounds.

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The College is renowned for the way in which it looks after its pupils and is characterised by its strong Christian ethos, which underpins everything we do.

The school has a unique history, beautiful surroundings and unequalled character. The atmosphere is warm, open and friendly, but the traditional values of courtesy, discipline, organisation and mutual respect are expected from all; pupils are not stuffy but know how to behave.

We pursue academic rigour, want our pupils to be enthusiastic about hard work and to play a full part in the broader aspects of school life, whether in sport, drama, music, charitable fund-raising, community service, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award, or the many other activities which are on offer. We also want them to enjoy their education.

Our aim is simple: to treat every pupil as an individual, supporting them as they grow into mature, confident, resilient and well-rounded young people with a strong set of moral values to guide them through adult life. 

We have our own junior school and nursery, Crackley Hall School and Little Crackers, just down the road in Kenilworth, and we welcomed the Crescent School, an independent junior school in Rugby, to the Foundation on 1 September 2016.  These schools both share our Christian ethos, resources and love of learning.

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    1. Jun 19 Tue

      1. GCSE examinations end
      2. LAMDA exams (G42)
      3. Salter's Festival of ChemistryUniversity of Warwick JSM
      4. 09:30-18:00
        Crescent School Year 5 Taster Day and Parents' Information Event6FC - 16:00-18:00
      5. 11:00
        Athletics - ISA National Championships(A) depart 11:00
      6. 11:30-13:00
        Foundation Support Managers' Meeting6FCMR
      7. 16:00-18:30
        Loserville - Dress RehearsalG14 - Theatre
      8. 18:00-20:30
        Grangers ClubSports Hall
      9. 19:30-22:00
        Arts Society Communicating the Word of God in the Middle Ages by Dr Nick Baker6FLT with refreshments afterwards in the 6F Atrium
    2. Jun 20 Wed

      1. LAMDA exams (G42)
      2. 08:40-10:35
        Year 7 Chill Time Session (Chapel)
      3. 11:20-13:05
        Year 9 Chill Time Session (Chapel)
      4. 16:00
        Pre-calendar Committee Meeting (6FCMR)
      5. 16:15
        Rounders - U12A, U13A - Bilton Grange (H)
      6. 19:00-21:00
        Parents' Reading Grouplibrary
    3. Jun 21 Thu

      1. 08:40-13:05
        Year 8 Chill Time Session (Chapel)Chapel + RS rooms
      2. 09:30-15:00
        Year 5 Taster Day
      3. 11:20-13:05
        Year 10 Chill Time Session (Chapel)
      4. 13:05-14:00
        Celebration of Achievement LunchRoundhouse
      5. 16:15
        Boys' Tennis - U13B - Aylesford School (H)
      6. 18:00-20:30
        Summer Art, Photography and Design ShowSixth Form Centre
      7. 19:00-21:30
        Loserville - PerformanceG14 - Theatre
    4. Jun 22 Fri

      1. Feast of Saint John Fisher and Saint Thomas More
      2. The Flagpole published
      3. 11:15-14:15
        Year 11 Headmaster's Thanksgiving Service and Buffet Lunch Chapel/6FC Lawn
      4. 13:05-13:35
        Friday DetentionG10 - MFL
      5. 13:05
        House Wacky Races (Orchard)
      6. 13:45
        Boys' Cricket - U12A - Lawrence Sheriff (A) depart 13:10
      7. 13:45
        Boys' Cricket - U12B - Lawrence Sheriff (H)
      8. 15:50-16:50
        Friday After School DetentionF26 - History
      9. 18:00-22:30
        Old Princethorpian's Summer Supper (celebrating leavers of 1968, 1978, 1988, 1998 and 2008)Quad and Main Dining Room
      10. 19:00-21:30
        Loserville - PerformanceG14 - Theatre
    5. Jun 23 Sat

      1. Athletics - Regional Combined Events(A) depart tbc
      2. 07:30
        Duke of Edinburgh - Bronze Group A - Qualifying Expedition departs (Cotswolds)
      3. 09:00-11:00
        Saturday DetentionSixth Form Atrium
      4. 10:30
        Rounders - U12A, U12B, U13A, U13B, U14B, U15A, U18B - KEHS Girls (A) depart 08:00
      5. 11:00
        Duke of Edinburgh - Gold - Qualifying Expedition departs (Snowdonia)
      6. 14:00-16:30
        Loserville - Matinee PerformanceG14 - Theatre
      7. 19:00-21:45
        Loserville - Final PerformanceG14 - Theatre
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