Sport features prominently at Princethorpe. Every pupil participates in Games and PE from Year 7 to Upper Sixth to keep them fit and give them a sense of well-being.

All the major traditional sports are offered at the College, but it’s also possible to try archery, trampolining, dance, sailing, golf, climbing and basketball and to get involved in equestrian competitions.

There is an extensive programme of inter-school fixtures, with A, B, C and sometimes D teams being fielded, as our approach to sport is very much inclusive. Princethorpe has a proud tradition of pupils gaining county, regional and international representative honours, not least England cricketer Ian Bell, who is an Old Princethorpian.

There is a well-equipped Sports Hall, a Fitness Centre, climbing wall and squash court. Extensive outdoor facilities include a floodlit all-weather pitch, an internationally recognised cross-country course, tennis courts and over sixty acres of games pitches and fields.


Each pupil has an afternoon games session of 100 minutes each week. Our Games sessions are organised to coincide with those of other schools so we have Year 10 Games on Monday, Year 9 on Tuesday, Year 11 and the Sixth Form on Wednesday, Year 8 on Thursday and Year 7 on Friday.

Each term the Games Department focuses on different activities:

The boys focus is Rugby in the Michaelmas Term, Hockey, Football and Cross Country in the Lent Term and Cricket, Athletics and Tennis in the Trinity Term.

The girls focus is Hockey in the Michaelmas Term, Netball and Cross Country in the Lent Term and Athletics, Rounders and Tennis in the Trinity Term.

Physical Education

Students have one 50 minute lesson a week of Physical Education. This is a core subject on the curriculum and a wide range of sports are covered in 7 week blocks throughout the year.

There are six main activity areas:

  • Games
  • Dance
  • Outdoor Education
  • Athletics
  • Gymnastics
  • and Swimming

Pupils get a wide variety of experiences and gain an appreciation of different types of activities.

Elite Sports Programme

Princethorpe College has some exceptional sporting talent throughout the school, in both school extra-curricular clubs and clubs outside of school. As a Physical Education Department, we aim to identify this talent and provide an environment for these pupils to develop.

We choose the top 60 pupils in the school from Year 8 to Year 13, from a variety of sports. The scheme provides support and advice for pupils and creates an atmosphere where pupils of a similar situation can work together and achieve more. We have pupils who represent their county, region and their country and are constantly pushing them to become their very best.

Sixth Form Sport Scholarships

Sixth Form Sport Scholarships are available for particularly able or talented candidates.

Click here to link to information on Sport Scholarships.

Sports Leadership Awards

From Key Stage 4 to Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity to take part in the nationally recognised Sports Leadership Awards. These qualifications help pupils develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. All of the awards are practical with minimal written work and there is no exam. Assessment is made based on the pupil's ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills.

Sport News

Staff Information

Mr Neil McCollin

Elite Sports Programme Co-ordinator, Foundation Director of Sport, Head of Games

Mr Neil McCollin

Mrs Deborah Brookes

Head of Girls' Games

Mrs Deborah Brookes

  1. November 2017

    1. Nov 24 Fri

      1. Nov 25 Sat

        1. 09:30
          Girls' Hockey - U12A, U12B - Bedford Modern (H)
        2. 10:00
          Boys' Hockey - Boys -U12A - Kind Edward VI, Stratford (A) depart 08:30
        3. 10:30
          Girls' Hockey - U13A, U13B - Bedford Modern (H)
        4. 10:30
          Girls' Hockey - U14A, U15A - Bedford Modern (A) depart 09:00
        5. 10:30
          Rugby Union - U12A, U14A - King Edward VI, Aston (H)
        6. 10:30
          Rugby Union - U13A, U15A - King Edward VI, Aston (A) depart 08:30
      2. Nov 26 Sun

        1. Nov 27 Mon

          1. 16:30
            Boys' Hockey - Boys - U15A - Warwick School (A) depart 15:30
          2. 16:30
            Girls' Hockey - Girls - U14A - Leicester Grammar (A) depart 15:45
          3. 16:30
            Rugby Union - Boys - U15A - Warwick School (A) depart 15:00
        2. Nov 28 Tue

          1. 14:30
            Girls' Hockey - U14C - King Henry VIII (A) depart 13:30
          2. 14:30
            Rugby Union - U14A - Warwick School (H)
          3. 14:30
            Rugby Union - U14B - Warwick School (H)
        3. Nov 29 Wed

          1. 14:30
            Girls' Hockey - 1st XI, 2nd XI - Bloxham (A) depart 13:15
          2. 14:30
            Rugby Union - 1st XV, 2nd XV - Warwick School (H)
          3. 14:45
            Football - 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI, 4th XI - Kimbolton School (A) depart 12:45
          4. 16:30
            Girls' Hockey - U13A, U13B - Solihull School (H)
        4. Nov 30 Thu

          1. 16:15
            Football - U13A - Rugby & District Futsal Festival (A) depart 15:55
          2. 16:15
            Netball - U12A, U13A - St Thomas More School (H)
          3. 16:30
            Boys' Hockey - U13A - Warwick School (A) depart 15:30
      3. December 2017

        1. Dec 01 Fri

          1. Dec 02 Sat

            1. 09:30
              Girls' Hockey - 1st XI, 2nd XI, U14A, U15A - King's High (A) depart 08:30
            2. 10:30
              Rugby Union - 1st XV, 2nd XV, U15A - King Edward VI, Camp Hill (A) depart 08:30
            3. 10:30
              Rugby Union - U12A, U13A, U14A - King Edward VI, Camp Hill (H)
          2. Dec 03 Sun

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