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At Princethorpe we pride ourselves on the range of co-curricular activities that take place outside of the classroom on offer to every pupil. These activities range from ones that challenge young minds, to more creative outlets for self expression, activities aimed at exposing pupils to new social and cultural ideas, tapping safely into new technologies or getting them physically active.

Clubs, societies and activities take place either at lunchtime or after school and each term a full extra-curricular timetable is produced to enable pupils to choose what they would like to take part in. Whether it’s drama or archery, photography or chess we cater for a wide variety of interests

In addition, we also aim to support pupils’ learning by offering regular music and theatre trips, lectures, visits to museums, art galleries and science festivals. We invite guest speakers in to school to discuss issues with pupils, as well as welcoming visiting music, theatre and dance companies to demonstrate their excellence to our pupils.

The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme is hugely popular at Princethorpe. Each year we have more and more pupils signing up to participate in this nationally recognised Award Scheme.

Overseas trips and expeditions including 'World Challenge' and 'Camps International' are a regular feature of the academic calendar and are offered to all corners of the globe.

Ecuador 2016: “I’m just so proud of all the students who worked so hard, day in, day out.”

“My Biology Teacher moment came during a visit to the Darwin Research Institute on the Galapagos Islands. Our guide asked if anyone knew anything about natural selection or Darwin’s finches. A warm surge of pride accompanied thirty-seven hands as they punched the air. It was a text book moment.” Head of Biology and Camps International College Coordinator Miss Faye Roberts reflects on the four-week life changing experience to Ecuador this summer. “I’d go back tomorrow at the drop of a hat. It was incredible.” Clearly, the accompanying Year 11 and Lower Sixth pupils would agree. I mean who wouldn’t relish the opportunity of eating live lemon ants (named as a result of their distinctive citrus twang) or Guinea pig? How about rising at dawn to help dig the foundations of a remote community’s health centre or building a school fence? This trip’s robust intention was to pack a punch. By immersing leafy Warwickshire’s teenagers into the most desolate of South American communities and expecting them to live and work alongside the indigenous population there was no alternative other than simply getting on with it, grafting and making friends.

“The students worked hard. And I mean hard. It was tough manual labour they were undertaking a lot of the time. Aside from the donkey work there were football matches, English lessons, games and friendships – the stuff that just can’t be planned or advertised on a web site. Our pupils gained so much.” Miss Roberts explains.

Beetling between three diverse communities: Amazonia, Esmeraldas and Kurikatchi whilst battling with extreme humidity and basic accommodation (one camp saw College trekkers living in shipping containers and another at 3500 metres altitude) only served to zip up the experience for all on board. Nothing was too much trouble and a general air of make do and get on underpinned the ethos during all twenty-eight days.

“Our show stopping finale had to be the trip to the Galapagos Islands,” adds Miss Roberts. “We traced Darwin’s steps where he landed on board The Beagle, we snorkelled marvelling at bejewelled sea life, spotted dolphins and gasped at the infamous giant turtles. To get so up close to such staggering natural beauty was indescribable.”

Prime time telly shows such as I’m a Celebrity play on the public’s craving for the outlandish and surreal in faraway places; well, Princethorpe pupils re-wrote the script, ate the ants and accomplished all given tasks. In the spirit of our College ethos their work was undertaken with the intention only of helping others and becoming better, global citizens of the future.

“I’m so proud of all of them,” concludes Miss Roberts, “to see the Ecuadorian children literally hanging off the arms of our students and to know that we have helped to improve their infrastructure during our short time there is a priceless memory to cherish for the future.”

Grateful thanks go to accompanying staff: Miss Faye Roberts, Mr Simon Robertson, Miss Kate Boothroyd and Mr Matt Parsons.

Image shows Camps International students and staff on location in Ecuador.

Outside Class News

Mr Greg Hunter

Assistant Head (Co-curricular)

Mr Greg Hunter

  1. February 2018

    1. Feb 25 Sun

      1. Feb 26 Mon

        1. 14:30
          Boys' Hockey - U15A, U15B - King Edward's, Birmingham (A) depart 13:10
        2. 15:30
          Football - U15A - Danetre and SLV (A) depart 14:00
        3. 15:30
          Netball - U15A, U15B, U15C - King Henry VIII (H)
      2. Feb 27 Tue

        1. 08:55-15:30
          Year 12 Business and Economics trip to JLR
        2. 13:15-13:45
          Mandarin Club G9 - Food Tech
        3. 14:15
          Netball - U14A, U14B - King Henry VIII (A) depart 13:20
        4. 14:30
          Boys' Hockey - U14A, U14B - King Edward's, Birmingham (A) depart 13:10
        5. 16:15
          Football - U14A - Danetre (H)
      3. Feb 28 Wed

        1. 14:00
          Football - 2nd XI - Aylesford School (H)
        2. 14:30
          Netball - 1st VII, 2nd VII - Solihull School (H)
        3. 14:30
          Netball - U18C, U18D - Solihull School (A) depart 13:15
        4. 15:15
          Boys' Hockey - 1st XI - Kimbolton School (A) depart 13:15
        5. 15:15
          Boys' Hockey - 2nd XI - Kimbolton School (H)
        6. 16:00
          Netball - U15A - Warwickshire Tournament (A) depart 15:15
        7. 18:15-22:00
          Russian State Philharmonic Concert - Music Scholars and Orchestra members (Butterworth Hall)Butterworth Hall
    2. March 2018

      1. Mar 01 Thu

        1. Robotics VexIQ UK National Championships (A)Telford
        2. 15:30
          Football - U13A - Danetre (A) depart 14:00
        3. 16:00
          Boys' Hockey - U13A, U13B - Bedford Modern (A) depart 13:45
        4. 16:15
          Football - U12A - Danetre (H)
        5. 16:15
          Football - U14A - Bilton School (H)
        6. 16:15
          Football - U15A - Bilton School (A) depart 15:55
        7. 18:00-19:00
          Ski Trip Parents MeetingTheatreSecond parents meeting with final departure details for all parents and students on the ski trip
      2. Mar 02 Fri

        1. 14:00
          Football - U12A, U12B - Inter-house (H)
        2. 14:00
          Girls' Hockey - U12A - County Championships (Bablake) (A) depart 13:30
        3. 14:30
          Boys' Hockey - U12A - Solihull School (A) depart 13:10
        4. 16:15
          Football - U16A - Ashlawn (H)
        5. 16:30
          Football - U15A - Ashlawn (A) depart 15:55
      3. Mar 03 Sat

        1. 09:30
          Boys' Hockey - U12A, U13A, U13B, U14A, U15B - Ratcliffe College (A) depart 08:15
        2. 09:30
          Netball - 1st VII, 2nd VII, U12A, U13A, U14A, U15A - Loughborough High (A) depart 08:00
        3. 10:30
          Boys' Hockey - 1st XI, 2nd XI - Ratcliffe College (H)
        4. 12:00
          Cross Country - Mixed - U12A, U13A, U14A, U15A, U16A - Nationals ISA Championships (H)
      4. Mar 04 Sun

        1. Mar 05 Mon

          1. 14:30
            Netball - U15A, U15B, U15C - Leicester Grammar (H)
          2. 16:30
            Boys' Hockey - U15A - Warwick School (A) depart 15:30
        2. Mar 06 Tue

          1. 13:10-13:50
            Sixth Form Council Meeting 6FCMR
          2. 16:30
            Netball - 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII - Bablake (H)
          3. 17:30
            LAMDA Senior Student Showcase (Th)
        3. Mar 07 Wed

          1. 09:00-16:00
            Trinity Music ExamsMU3 - Music
          2. 14:00
            Boys' Hockey - 1st XI - Solihull School (H)
          3. 14:00
            Boys' Hockey - 2nd XI - Solihull School (A) depart 13:05
          4. 14:30
            Football - 1st XI, 2nd XI, 3rd XI - Welbeck DSFC (A) depart 13:10
          5. 14:30
            Netball - 1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII, 4th VII - Bloxham School (A) depart 13:05
          6. 15:45-20:45
            Ski Trip Practice to Ackers Adventure (A) depart 15:30Instructor led lesson on dry ski slope
          7. 16:00
            Netball - U13A - Warwickshire Tournament (A) depart 15:15
          8. 16:15
            Netball - U15A, U15B - Lutterworth College (H)
          9. 16:30
            Girls' Hockey - U14A - King Henry VIII (A) depart 15:55
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