Entry to Sixth Form 2019

Admission to the Sixth Form is based on satisfactory GCSE results, with the addition of an informal interview for external candidates. The minimum academic requirement for entry to Princethorpe Sixth Form is six GCSE grades at A*-C (9-5), including at least three grade Bs or equivalent. Under the new numerical grading system, that will equate to three ‘5’s and three ‘6’s. Candidates are normally expected to have at least grade B/6 in the subjects to be studied to A-level, however for Mathematics, Modern Foreign Languages, Latin and the Sciences a grade A/7 at GCSE is required.

If you wish to begin Economics or Law in Sixth Form, you will be expected to have achieved at least B/6 grades in both Mathematics and English Language. If you wish to study Computer Science at A-level, you must have taken it at GCSE. If you wish to study Psychology at A-level you will need a minimum of a 5 grade in English and Mathematics, plus a B/6 grade is highly recommended in a Science subject (ideally Biology).

If you are already at Princethorpe, the options procedure is explained to you through assemblies, meetings, tutorials and interviews.

If you are not yet at Princethorpe and are thinking of joining us, we would be delighted to welcome you. Please contact the Registrar, Vanessa Rooney, and she will talk you through the process initially.

The deadline for Sixth Form applications for external candidates is Friday 15 February 2019. We would appreciate having your application in by that date, along with your completed Final Option Subject Choices Form and any Academic, Art, Music (including Organ) and Sport Scholarship applications.

Following satisfactory references from the student’s current school, the Admission Panel will meet and, if appropriate, a conditional offer will be made subject to actual GCSE grades. 

Sixth Form offers and Scholarship offers will be made week commencing Monday 1 April 2019.

Confirmation of acceptance from a parent with a £300 deposit is then required to secure the place. This deposit is refunded after the end of the final term which the student spends at Princethorpe.

The deadline for acceptances of Sixth Form places and Scholarship offers is Wednesday 1 May 2019.

Then it is a question of working hard for your GCSEs and waiting until the results are published. For external candidates, once actual GCSE grades have been advised to the Registrar by telephone in August, a confirmed offer will be made.

The Head and Assistant Heads of Sixth Form hold interviews following GCSE results day for any prospective Sixth Former who has concerns about his or her choice of subjects.

If you have any questions relating to the admissions process or scholarships please contact the Registrar, Mrs Vanessa Rooney on 01926 634201 or email vanessarooney@princethorpe.co.uk.

The Princethorpe Diploma

Open to all Sixth Form students the innovative Princethorpe Diploma brings together six components that we believe are critical in today’s world, helping our students leave us as mature, confident, resilient, well-rounded young people, with a strong set of moral values to guide them through adult life.

  • Academic Studies – whatever the abilities and talents, strengths and weaknesses of our students we expect them to develop their independent learning skills and to try their very best.
  • Extra-curricular participation – there is an enormous range of sporting, musical and other activities on offer at Princethorpe and a good number of our students are involved in activities outside school. These help to develop teamwork, leadership, organisation, reliability and resilience. We want our students to show sustained, regular commitment in this area.
  • Service to others – in line with our Christian ethos, we want to encourage students to use their skills and talents to actively be involved in helping others, both in and outside the school community.
  • Work experience – having a good understanding of the world of work is vital to help students on their journey into adulthood.
  • Community and Ethos - At Princethorpe, we believe that we have a very special sense of community, and this is founded on kindness and understanding; tolerance and respect for others; mutual forgiveness and gentleness; courtesy and good manners; hospitality and a sense of humour.
  • Attendance and Punctuality - having the discipline to attend one’s commitments punctually and consistently is an essential skill in the world of work.

To be awarded the Princethorpe Diploma, students need to meet the College’s criteria for each of the above components.

Our Registrar, Mrs Vanessa Rooney and her assistants Miss Helen Morgan and Mrs Catherine Rogers will be pleased to talk you through the admissions process. Please contact them on 01926 634201/634262.

Entry to Sixth Form 2019

Sixth Form Open Evening - Wednesday 17 October 2018 6.30pm to 9.00pm

We would encourage all prospective Sixth Formers and their parents to join us for our Sixth Form Open Evening on Wednesday 17 October 2018. The evening aims to give an overview of life in the Sixth Form. Staff and students are on hand in the departments to talk through A-level subject choices and you will be given a copy of our Sixth Form Admissions 2019  Information Booklet,  which will include a timetable for the admissions process and decision making.

To download a copy of the College's Sixth Form Admissions 2019 Information Booklet please click here.

Sixth Form Scholarships

At Sixth Form level Academic, Art, Music, Organ and Sport Scholarships are available for particularly able and talented candidates, click here for more information.

Sixth Form Taster Days

Sixth Form Taster Days for groups of prospective Sixth Formers are offered in December and January. These are informal opportunities for small groups of prospective Sixth Formers to visit the College for a selection of A-level subject taster lessons, a Q&A session with current Sixth Formers, lunch, a tour of school and a chance to meet the Head of Sixth Form.

After January individual Taster Days can be arranged by contacting the Registrar on admissions@princethorpe.co.uk or calling 01926 634201.