Management of the Foundation

Membership of the Board of Trustees is between nine and sixteen persons. The Trustees are the directors of the company. They have overall responsibility for the Foundation and are guardians of the Foundation's ethos.

Trustees are appointed for an initial term of three years and are eligible for re-appointment. The maximum term for a Trustee (with the exception of the Chair of Trustees) is twelve years.

The Trustees meet as a Governing Body each term and have an Annual General Meeting in December. They undertake the management of the Foundation through a structure of sub-committees. Every Trustee will serve on at least one sub-committee.

The committee chair is appointed by the Governing Body, the committee then elects its deputy-chair.

The following committees are currently in place:

  • Finance: deals with all finance and budgetary matters.
  • Education & Staffing: all matters relating to the curriculum, the quality of learning and teaching and monitoring of the schools' improvement plans as well as all matters relating to staff.
  • Governance: reviews the governance of the Foundation.
  • Estates: ensures that the Foundation complies with Health and Safety Legislation and deals with matters relating to estates and grounds including future building developments.
  • Marketing and Communications: is a forum for discussion and communication between trustees and staff and promotes the Foundation and its schools.
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Day to day management of the Foundation is delegated to the Heads and Foundation Bursar who report to the Governors and to the various sub-committees relevant to their individual responsibilities.

There is a regular meeting of the Foundation’s senior executives, which comprise the Heads, the Foundation Bursar, the two Deputy Heads, the four Assistant Heads and the Head of Sixth Form.