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Pupils Excited By Partial Solar Eclipse

11 Jun

Despite intermittent cloud, excited pupils and staff gathered at break on Thursday 10 June, to watch the partial eclipse of the sun.

Physics teacher, Sophie Rose was on hand with filters to ensure everyone could view the eclipse safely. The eclipse began just after 10.00am and by 11.00am had reached its maximum, with nearly 25% of the sun covered, and the small crescent shape was clearly visible to see.

The annular solar eclipse was visible across much of Europe, Asia and North America. Eclipses should never be viewed directly.

Lower Sixth Prefect, Mary Lomas, who took the image of the eclipse in the gallery said, "It was great to see!". Mrs Rose added, "It is so wonderful when nature gives us these rare opportunities to witness first hand the interplay of the Sun, planets and Moons in the Solar system. Viewing an eclipse is always such an exciting thing, it was great to see our pupils having this experience for the first time here at school."

It was an amazing solar spectacle that will be sure to have ignited pupils’ interest in Science.