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Extended Project Qualification

Princethorpe College offers the Level 3 Extended Project Qualification as part of the newly designed curriculum from September 2017.

An Extended Project (EP) is worth 50% of an A-level and is taken alongside A-levels. Like a mini PhD it comprises an individual research project rather than an exam, requiring students to produce a 6,000 word dissertation or investigation, or to manufacture an artefact or stage a performance. Upon completion, they must give a ten-minute presentation on their research to teachers and a group of fellow students and take questions at the end.

Students will be assigned a mentor who will provide advice and guidance as required and with whom they will meet regularly for direct teaching, instruction and assessment, or other structured learning such as directed assignments or supported individual study. Students will also meet regularly with the librarian and other EP students to be taught the necessary research and independent learning skills needed to undertake such a project. Students’ own private study will be an additional commitment to these guided learning hours.

As well as helping students develop research skills and enhance their thinking skills, Extended Projects are welcomed by many universities and admissions tutors may well use them in differentiating between applicants for offer making.

Over the past four years 95% of students entered have achieved A* or A grades in their EP qualification.

Mrs Helen Pascoe-Williams

Leader of Learning, Innovation and Character Development, Teacher of English & Drama, da Vinci Co-ordinator

A* Success in Extended Projects

Princethorpe College students have done it again! Last year, the College celebrated 100% A* in Extended Projects and, once again, our EP students have excelled!

Year 13 student Bethany Leigh completed her dissertation exploring the impact and influence of historical figures Robin Hood and King Arthur upon today’s society. Sophie Jones’ dissertation Has the development of robots benefited modern society? put forward argument and counter argument before reaching a decisive conclusion. Rhiannon Edwards’ dissertation Can philosophical language used to describe God have any real meaning?educated, inspired and humbled us all. Finally, Daisy Donaldson’s artefact, a commission for a set design for the 50th anniversary celebratory productionof James and the Giant Peach, was researched and executed beautifully. This is the first time a student of the college has completed an artefact; she has certainly set an outstanding precedent!

All four Year 13 students achieved the highest of marks which we expect to be converted to A and A* grades when the results come out in August. Well done girls!