"Princethorpe College - What's It All About?" - New Film Success

A huge thank you to everyone that has watched, liked and shared our new school film Princethorpe College – What’s It All About?online over the past two weeks.

It has been very well received and we’re delighted by some of the responses and messages that have been shared with us since going live, some of which we’ve included below:

“Great video. What I love about it is that having worked there in the past, this is actually real! Lovely filming and editing.”

“Love this! Such a fantastic video. My boys are having the best time at this school. Well done Princethorpe.”

“Princethorpe is the place I spent my first three years in UK from 1978-1981, and it definitely nurtured me for the rest of my life.”

In just 14 days, Princethorpe College – What’s It All About? has been watched 11,220 times, reached just shy of 14,000 people and has seen almost 800 reactions, comments and shares.

The film, produced by the Foundation Marketing Team and award-winning Affixxius Films, was shot over the Lent and Trinity Terms and aims to communicate the all-embracing nature of Princethorpe, the wealth of opportunities on offer and the individuals who make up our community. It also celebrates the College's beautiful setting.

Its September launch has been timed to coincide with the College's admissions for 2019 and the lead up to entrance exams in November.

Thanks again to all the pupils and staff who helped and took part in the film - what stars you are!

If you are yet to see it, please click here to view the film and please do like and share it on social media! #princethorpeandme