Matt Dickinson, Writer, Explorer And Mount Everest Summiteer Returns To Princethorpe

Matt Dickinson, award-winning author and Mount Everest summiteer re-visited Princethorpe College on Friday 16 November. A successful writer and film maker Matt has worked for production companies including the BBC, National Geographic Television and the Discovery Channel and is one of the very few cameramen to ever film at the summit of Everest.

Matt spoke to Year 8 Geography pupils and some Y7 English classes about his experiences climbing the tallest mountains in the world and coping in extreme climates. He talked about the risks involved in mountaineering and his personal experiences of dangers such as frostbite. He shared breath-taking images and film clips of towering icebergs, fathomless ice crevices and gigantic glaciers and discussed the wider geographic impact humans are having on the world.

His anecdotes helped pupils understand the preparation and practice, the determination and resilience required to be an adventurer, but also how it is possible for anyone to get out there and get involved in the natural world. Matt has met some amazing and inspirational people on his travels and his love of adventure and extreme environments has given him plenty of story lines for his writing. He is the author of the ‘Mortal Chaos’ series, fast-paced action adventure stories for teenagers, and the crime drama series ‘The Everest Files’. He has also written ‘Death Zone’, a factual book based on his climb to the summit of Everest during a devastating killer storm.

Matt Dickinson was clearly delighted with his enthusiastic audience and said, “I have had a great day at Princethorpe College, with some superb questions from the pupils. Their knowledge of the natural world is impressive, they were able to talk about alternative energy sources and global warming and appreciate the impact of tourism on natural environments.”