Festivities Commence With House Sixth Form Christmas Tree Competition

At Tutor Time on Friday 30 November strains of Christmas songs drifted out of the Sixth Form Centre and students gathered excitedly around the balconies in the atrium. Anticipation built as the Sixth Form prepared for this year’s House Christmas Tree competition. Down on the ground floor four teams of six students opened boxes, took off their jackets and rolled up their sleeves. In front of each of them lay the components of an artificial tree and a box of lights and decorations.

Head of Sixth Form, Ben Collie, briefed the teams and sent them speedily on their way. Quickly piecing together the jigsaw of branches the trees began to take shape. Lights were unravelled and carefully and artistically draped, decorations hung and then with seconds to spare, and one final stretch, stars were positioned on the top.

Charlie Warner and Pete Wilkes from the College’s Estates team took time to ponder before declaring the result. In first place was More followed by Austin, Benet and then Fisher.

Well done everyone, the countdown to Christmas has begun.