College Hears That Camps International Esmeraldas Project Completed

This month Princethorpe College was delighted to hear that one of the Camps International projects supported by Princethorpe pupils back in July 2016 has now been completed.

The Year 11 and Lower Sixth pupils who travelled with Head of Biology, Faye Roberts, worked on three projects that summer in Ecuadorian communities in Amazonia, Kurikatchi and in Esmeraldas. In early 2016, the River Esmeraldas had burst its banks, destroying many local homes and badly damaging the only medical centre in the area, leaving the entire community of more than 5,000 people without access to medical facilities.

The government of Ecuador provided some labour and building materials, but much of the physical work to rebuild the medical centre was undertaken by volunteer groups organised by Camps International. Princethorpe’s pupils were in right at the start helping to dig the foundations. “It was tough manual labour, real back breaking work,” remembers Biology Teacher and Head of More House, Simon Robertson.

Two years later the medical centre is now complete and was officially opened with an inauguration ceremony led by Edison Molina, the President of the local community. He said, “Without the help of Camps International this wouldn’t have been possible. Having the support of volunteers from a country as important as the United Kingdom is a source of pride for the community.”

Amy Lacey from Camps International added, “Our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved in this project, especially the Camps International worldwide volunteers that worked so hard, digging, building, plastering, painting and constructing furniture for this essential community facility.”

The College was delighted to hear the news too – a real example of our College ethos at work.

For more information on the project please see here.