Nearly 200 Families Enjoy College Open Afternoon

On Sunday 24 September Princethorpe opened its doors wide and gave a warm welcome to hundreds of prospective parents and pupils. With the College’s Entrance Examinations now taking place in November our Open Afternoon was much earlier in the academic calendar and we were delighted to be able to take advantage of the September sun.

All afternoon the school was at its sparkling best, a well organised hive of activity; departments had prepared informative displays, staff and present pupils were on hand to take questions and talk with parents and of course there were plenty of fun subject-related activities for younger (and older) visitors to enjoy. Rewards were on offer for all those who ‘had a go’ with stickers to collect and a choice of snazzy prizes for the children on their way home.

Outside many chose to try their hand at archery and to visit a new attraction, Switzerland, our ‘outdoor classroom’. In the Limes the climbing wall was as always a popular draw and the classrooms were abuzz with parents and children exploring IT, Maths, English and MFL.

Music echoed around the Roundhouse and mini drama sketches attracted audiences to the newly refurbished Theatre. Through the length and breadth of the school, visitors were invited to ‘have a go’ at dissection, control mini robots, taste test scones, watch some explosive experiments and explore mother boards.

Ed Hester, Headmaster, welcomed parents and children with an inspiring address in the Chapel, talking about the school, its plans and the ‘Spirit of Family’ ethos that allows Princethorpe to help every child to succeed.

Visitors were up on last year with nearly 200 families visiting the College, many completely new to the school. For all it was a great chance to soak up the special Princethorpe atmosphere and to get a flavour of day to day life.

A huge thank you to all the staff, pupils, prefects and parents who helped on the day and those involved in the preparations. The school looked amazing and the feedback from our visitors as they left was very positive.