Michaelmas Term Achievers’ Lunch Recognises Pupils’ Outstanding Contributions To All Facets Of Coll…

So many of our pupils commit in the most extraordinary ways both in and outside of College. There are those who rise at the crack of dawn to train. There are those who spend hours in rehearsal rooms. There are those who are always ready to go the extra mile to support and help. Then there are those who simply batten down and pull out all the stops to surpass what they thought themselves capable of in the classroom. And that’s what the Celebration Achievers’ Lunch aims to recognise.

This term 42 pupils from across all year groups were nominated by members of staff and invited to the College Roundhouse by Assistant Head (Co-Curricular), Mr Greg Hunter, for a celebration lunch.

These pupils had all risen to the challenge of the College’s ethos. They have done their best in so many different ways. They have excelled in sport, performed to audiences, completed charity runs, gone over and above for their tutor groups and shown diligence, improvement and commitment to their studies.

Mr Hunter congratulated each of them and thanked them for the many ways that they enrich College life.

Congratulations go to all of the following pupils:

From Year 7: Grace Bartlett, Darcey Heritage, Grace Isaacs, Chloe O'Carroll-Bailey and Natasha Thomas

From Year 8: Harry King, Mia Lambeth, Evie Phillips, Jamie Smith, Olivia Underhill and Madeleine Wilde

From Year 9: Owen Armstrong, Mackenzie Brown, Gregory Burford, Rory Draper, George Dunkley, Alfie Kay, Caitlin Mason, Emily Scrivens and Freddy Swift

From Year 10: Hannah Bryer, Sophie Cheshire, Arran Knight, Abigail O'Carroll-Bailey, Rowan Tankard and Hannah Webber

From Year 11: Patricia Anttila, William Basford, Danielle O'Brien, Patrick Parfitt and Louis Price

From Lower Sixth: Anna Wells

From Upper Sixth: Max Brindley, Imogen Butler, Sol Elliott, Anna Harper-Lawrence, Thomas Hennegan, Miriam Isaacs, Faye Lewis, Kate MacIntyre, Jasmine Thearia and Emilli Thornton

Above and below the photographs show some of the achievers at the celebratory lunch.