Journée Européenne Des Langues 2017

Incredibly there are some 24 official languages and over 200 different spoken dialects in Europe alone. Back here in the UK four out of five adults regret not having learned another language, but that is something no Princethorpe pupil will ever be able to say!

At the College there are many opportunities to get excited about languages and the European Day of Languages, this year Tuesday 26 September, is just one of them. Set up by the Council of Europe in 2001, the day promotes the importance of language learning and the cultural diversity Europe provides.

Championed by our MFL team, pupils across the College were informed about the joys of learning another language; not just for the purpose of public examinations but for lifelong learning and inter-cultural understanding.

Even the College catering team, Holroyd Howe, got behind the theme of linguistic diversity with a cornucopia of European delights such as; stroganoff, arrabiata chicken and focaccia served in a European flag-decorated dining room.

Throughout the week all sorts of activities have been taking place. A design a t-shirt competition, trivia quizzes, European language film showings and the MFL photo booth have all run alongside the usual provision for Spanish, French and German lessons.

Mademoiselle Charlotte Verleure’s enthusiasm for languages is evident. “Through the lessons we teach and pupils’ day to day life they are encountering different European influences on a regular basis. I hope the events that have taken place this week have been enjoyable and will inspire everyone with the languages they learn.”