House Competition Heats Up As Sixth Formers Take On The Ready, Steady, Cook Challenge

What was once prime time television, Ready Steady Cook, returned this week, as our latest inter-house College competition. On Tuesday 26 September teams of Sixth Formers from each House took part in a hotly contested cooking challenge, serving up two plates of food, a main and a dessert, in the Food Technology suite.

The students had just 25 minutes to produce their mouth-watering creations from a bag of mystery ingredients.

The kitchens were quickly a whir of activity with knives chopping, whisks beating and pans bubbling as the teams of three set to work. Onlookers encouraged from the side and House Activities Leader, Faye Roberts, called out regular time checks, as the time ticked quickly away.

Representing Austin were Abbie Baker, Luke Tallis and Alex Hutcheson. They put together a stir fry with noodles and a pastry marshmallow concoction. For Fisher it was Fennah Jones, Will Stone and Freya Barnett who rustled up stuffed peppers, pasta and pancakes with raspberries and chocolate sauce. Benet’s team were Head Girl Miriam Isaacs, Charlotte Martin and Bryn Lewis who cooked a Spanish omelette and pancakes with chocolate and raspberry sauce. Finally, for More it was Alex Tubb, Mark Hewlett and Haydn Connell whose nifty number included loaded nachos, wraps and more expertly flipped pancakes.

The judges assembled drawn by the lovely smells and took their places at the table. Under the watchful eyes of the competitors and their supporters they taste-tested the delicious assortment of dishes, deliberating long and hard before finally ordering the plates, à la ‘bake off’, in order of preference.

The final results were:

Mains: 1st Benet, 2nd Fisher, 3rd More, 4th Austin

Dessert: 1st Fisher, 2nd Benet, 3rd More and 4th Austin

Another marvellous House competition! Huge thanks to all of the competitors for their enthusiastic efforts, to Faye Roberts for providing the organisation and ingredients, to Charlotte Hetherington for keeping control in the kitchens and to our fearless judges Hattie Brember, Tom Knowles and Becky Underhill who dived into the dishes on offer.

Our Sixth Formers cooked up a storm – they certainly won’t be starving students when they go off to university.