Gripping Mother And Daughter Story For Inaugural Theatre Production

The inaugural performance in the College’s recently refurbished theatre was a moving performance of Diane Samuels' classic 1993 play, Kindertransport. The play movingly portrays the psychological scars left on some of the 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children who were evacuated to England from Europe between December 1938 and the declaration of war against Germany.

The story starts in Hamburg where a mother selflessly prepares her daughter Eva for her escape. Whilst in modern day England, another mother, the uptight, cleanliness fanatic Evelyn, is helping a daughter to leave home. When the latter discovers belongings revealing that Eva is Evelyn's secret past, she becomes upset and angry.

This painfully plausible story echoes Eva’s favourite fairy-tale about child stealing, The Rat-Catcher. The emotional legacy of the Kindertransport, mixed with the issue of inter-generational conflict provided a gripping mother and daughter story that held the audience enthralled as the play moved between past and present.

It was a fabulous and fitting production for the new theatre to open with, put together by Drama teacher, Alyson Goodey and a small cast of six pupils - Maymie Alford, Georgia McCallum and Abbie O’Carroll-Bailey from Year 10, Carys Burchell and Natasha Carter from Year 9 and Tom Lomas from Year 7.

Alyson commented, “It has been a pleasure to work with such a dedicated cast and crew. Congratulations to them all on a great performance - a stunning first for the new theatre!”

Head of Drama and Theatre Studies, Aileen Cefaliello, echoed her praise, “A big thank you to Alyson Goodey and her small yet mighty cast for their commitment in presenting this moving piece of Theatre. The technical crew were professional to the fingertips too!”

Photographs from the performance: