Government Tables Confirm Princethorpe Students’ A-level Progress Is Well Above Average

Latest school performance tables issued this week by the government confirm the substantial level of academic progress Princethorpe students make in Sixth Form.

Princethorpe is the top performing school in the local area and the only school to score ‘Well above average’ for Progress in A-level performance in 2017. The tables place Princethorpe in the top 5% of all schools or colleges in England.

Comments Ed Hester, Headmaster, “These progress measures indicate the “value-added” by the school, looking at where the young people started and where they end up. Princethorpe is not, and never will be, an academic hothouse, but these results reflect the tremendous progress our students make. This, combined with the array of co-curricular, careers and enrichment opportunities puts them in the best possible position to realise their future plans."

For GCSE the data analysed by the Government includes the new-style GCSEs in Maths and English, which Princethorpe pupils did not take in 2017, so the College’s results for IGCSE are not published in the tables.

To see the results click on this link