Development News: Development Group Members Meet At Wright Hassall

The newly formed Development focus group was kindly hosted by Princethorpe parent Robert Lee at the stunning offices of Wright Hassall solicitors in Leamington Spa. The group, consisting of five current and former parents, generously give their time, guidance and advice to the Development team, giving valued feedback on latest projects such as the bursary campaign’s ‘Cut the Coffee’ regular giving initiative.

The group meets termly and is a very convivial, informal, and creative forum for discussion. The Development team values such donations of time and expertise greatly, and it is wonderful to have such a mix of skills around the table. The group, which represents a cross section of parents at the College, gives invaluable feedback and direction to all our fundraising work.

The Bursary campaign, launched in March, aims to transform the lives of children who would otherwise be unable to attend Princethorpe College. The Fund provides opportunities to those families whose circumstances prevent them from accessing the fantastic education, care and support that a Princethorpe education offers. The regular giving campaign, invites Princethorpe supporters, to sacrifice just three cups of coffee a month and join the growing number of families who give small, regular donations to benefit other children and transform lives. Further details can be found here.

A big thank you to those parents who are part of the focus group. If any parents, grandparents, or supporters of the College would like to know more about the group, please contact Rachel Hadley-Leonard, Director of Development, at or by telephoning 01926 634265.