Careers Fair 2018 Shaping Up Nicely

Preparations for the College Careers Fair on the morning of Saturday 17 March are shaping up nicely.

Online registrations for the event, which is open to all pupils from Year 10 to Sixth Form, will open in February.

A wide range of speakers and organisations will be on hand to offer advice and guidance on careers, universities and gap year options. To date we have representatives from organisations as diverse as JLR and Rolls Royce Aerospace to Ernst and Young and the Cabinet Office giving presentations, and universities from across the country, such as Cardiff, Southampton, Loughborough and Surrey, with stalls in the exhibition part of the Fair.

Comments, Jacqui Quinney, Head of Careers, "Attendees will be able to select three workshops to attend over the course of the morning, alongside a visit to the Careers Exhibition. We are delighted with the breadth of careers we will have on offer, there promises to be a wealth of information and advice available."

An email will be sent to parents with pupils in Years 10 to Sixth Form with a link to the online registration page and information about all the speakers.