Welly Loads Of Fun Raises Buckets Of Cash For Mary’s Meals

It’s almost unreal to think that one small boy throwing a rubber wellington boot across a green field in Warwickshire will have raised enough money to feed 11 children for the day. They say small things don’t matter. But they do. During the course of Thursday lunchtime Princethorpe pupils and staff raised close on £400 for the charity Mary’s Meals; a charity that provides a hot meal to children living in impoverished countries, in their place of education.

Celebrating ‘World Porridge Day’ has become an annual must-do in the College calendar combining the serious with the fun. Yes, there were the crazy Sixth Formers who roamed the grounds dressed as Goldilocks or sporting an oversized tam o’shanter. And there was the House Welly Wanging competition in the orchard; our very own mini Highland Games, where seventy-two pupils and staff donated cash to see who could wang the welly the furthest. Incidentally, that prize went to Sixth Former Charlie Rooney, 30.2 metres (is there nothing this guy can’t manage for charity – having already broken the College’s 40 mile walk record earlier this year) with Mr Parsons out-wanging his effort with a splendid 32.8 metres.

But the sentiment underlying the day is one of collaboration; of understanding that by contributing a small amount, great changes can transpire. Before Thursday’s fund raising activities the ground work was laid through assemblies and Life Skills sessions where the transformative work of Mary’s Meals was shared. Tickets were then sold encouraging the College community to buy a bowl of porridge; pop up stalls appeared in the corridors with volunteers selling blue mugs. People were on board and raising the profile of what it takes; just four pence to feed one child for one day.

Under the guidance of Assistant Head of Sixth Form, Mr Rod Isaacs, Wednesday 5 October, World Porridge Day was once again a feast of possibilities. So many pupils and staff contributed, not just to the cash raised but also in delivering the message of hope. A huge thank you to all who took part and special congratulations to More House whose welly-ing efforts gave them 1st prize with Benet in 2nd, Austin 3rd and Fisher 4th.

Image Above Shows:Sol Elliot, Connor Tait, Becky Tidd, James Walton and Gemma Rees

Image Below Shows: George Lester, More